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“John is a talented and humble person with a gift for helping others.” - Anthony Beckham, PHD

“…we are impressed by your professional approach in all areas and the accomplishments that your have made. Congratulations on a job well done.” - Barry Adelman, Dick Clark Productions, Inc. – Burbank, CA

“Your work has improved community perceptions of the Court and fostered helpful relationships with influential leaders.” - Judge Curtis S. Person, Juvenile Court Memphis & Shelby County

“Your vision is outstanding, your commitment is commendable, and your standards are high.” - William N. Morris, Shelby County Mayor

“I would like to commend your leadership and dedication to young people who are at risk.”
My Harrison, FBI Special Agent in Charge

“One of John’s greatest assets is the ability to communicate what God is saying in any given season.”
Pastor Emmanuel Westbrook, Harlem, NY

“We are grateful to you and your service to others.”
- Sherriff Mark H. Lutrell, Jr., Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

“…an informative and innovative show that gives young voters a chance to express their views and learn that they can make a difference.” - Sharon Priest, Secretary of State – State of Arkansas

“Judy is a treat to work with and produces a quality product.” - Mayor Charles Farmer, City of Jackson

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